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das chi-vieh
3 August 1985
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So, who or what is the chi? ;)
People think I'm kind of crazy since I tend to obsess about certain things. Sadly, most people I know in RL don't get what this strange "fandom thing" I keep talking about is.
I'm into Sci-Fi (Stargate universe, Whoniverse, Star Wars ...) and Fantasy (my first genre, David Eddings, RIP), as well as the occasional Manga and/or Anime ('though not as much as I used to be -_^).
I love computer/video games - currently mostly Sims 3 (if I ever get a working DVD drive again), Guild Wars, Morrowind ...
ATM I'm sewing various kinds of simple stuffed animals - think "Ugly Dolls". They make pretty good gifts, for all occasions XD

So, those are the things you're most likely to read about in this journal...
alan rickman, alorn, althalus, angel, anime/manga, ashes to ashes, bbc, belgariad, blackmore's night, books, buffy, caffeine, cameron mitchell, captain hammer, captain jack harkness, carson beckett, catherine tate, coffee, cooking, coupling, daniel jackson, david eddings, david hewlett, david tennant, doctor horrible, dr horrible, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, draco malfoy, dublin, elenium, elf, elizabeth weir, elves, ethnologie, europäische ethnologie, fanfiction, fantasy, farseer trilogy, freiburg, friends, gamecube, gareth david-lloyd, george hammond, germany, grammatik, gwen cooper, hank landry, harry potter, hawkeye, hermiod, history, hobbits, hogwarts, ianto jones, imladris, internet, ireland, j.r.r. tolkien, jack o'neill, japan, jekyll & hyde, john barrowman, john dorian, john sheppard, joss whedon, kaffee, laura cadman, life on mars, lindsey novak, lord of the rings, m.a.s.h., malloreon, manga, martha jones, mickey smith, middle ages, movies, mp3, music, musicals, ncis, novels, owen harper, pc andy davidson, pforzheim, pirates of the caribbean, polgara, radek zelenka, ralf isau, ranma 1/2, rhys williams, richard woolsey, robin hobb, rodney mckay, roma, ronnie o'sullivan, ronon dex, rose tyler, samantha carter, sarah jane adventures, sarah jane smith, schokolade, schuldig, schwarz, scrubs, sense & sensibility, serenity, seth lakeman, severus snape, sga, sgc, silmarillion, sims 2, slash, snooker, snow, soundtracks, spellcheck, star wars, stargate, stargate command, stargate: atlantis, stargate: sg-1, steven caldwell, stuttgart, sudoku, sunshine, tamuli, tanz der vampire, tardis, tau'ri, teal'c, tetris, teyla emmagen, the doctor, the hobbit, todd the wraith, torchwood, toshiko sato, trudi canavan, vala mal doran, volkskunde, weevil, weiss kreuz, wormholes, wraith